WOO HOO!!! We are always looking for top talent. If you are a kind, compassionate, organized recreational professional with leadership skills and a passion for enriching the lives of seniors, this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU! Join in the excitement to MAKE EVERYDAY the BEST DAY EVER for OUR RESIDENTS & TEAM MEMBERS by uniting with us in a dedication to our Pegasus Commitment. 


Pegasus Associates are uniquely qualified to make EVERYDAY the BEST DAY EVER because they are empowered and expected to:

  • Smile at work.
  • Exceed expectations.
  • Support others with warmth and compassion.
  • Model individual pride and company spirit.
  • Always do the right thing even when nobody is watching.
  • Value feedback as they strive for excellence in their performance.
  • Take full responsibility for their attitude and actions.
  • Never leave their partners in need of help.
  • Exercise good stewardship of Community resources.
  • Value the safety of themselves and others while performing their job.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Celebrate LIFE.

Pegasus Senior Living is made up of individual Associates united by a commitment and dedication to the highest quality of service delivery to our residents with a sense of warmth, compassion, individual pride and company spirit. To achieve our mission, each associate strives to always do the right thing. Recognizing that excellence is a process achieved through continuous improvement, we value and apply lessons learned from the feedback we receive from all of our stakeholders.

More specifically:

To our Associates, we pledge to

  • Promote a culture of excellence.
  • Provide strong leadership, team building and empowerment.
  • Encourage all associates to work hard and play hard every day.
  • Encourage professional and personal growth for all our Associates.

To our Residents, we pledge to

  • Celebrate and enhance their lives.
  • Provide outstanding customer service.
  • Always remember that choice and compassion are at the heart of our profession.

To our investors, we pledge to be great stewards of our resources.


Responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Resident holistic wellness program, including but not restricted to Resident assessment, muscular strength, aerobic and flexibility training, wellness education, social-recreational activities and volunteer program development and community resource coordinator.


  1. Adheres to and conveys philosophy of supporting dignity, privacy, independence, choice, individuality and a home-like environment for the Residents.
  2. Must enjoy working with seniors and have sensitivity to their needs.
  3. Responsible for the recruitment, training, supervision, coordination, assignments and retention of volunteers for the community.
  4. Coordinate activities to promote cohesiveness and camaraderie among volunteers.
  5. Assesses Residents for functional fitness levels and activity interests.
  6. Instructs and supervises group and individual physical exercises. Must be able to adapt exercises to the individual capabilities and functional fitness levels.
  7. Plans, organizes and implements group and individual social and recreational activities.
  8. Develops activity calendars and newsletters.
  9. Must be able to motivate and encourage Residents to learn and engage in the programs.
  10. Trains and motivates Care Partners to assist with Life Enrichment activities.
  11. Monitors progress and effectiveness of exercise and activity programs and makes adjustments/changes as necessary.
  12. Supervises all LE Partners and Volunteers.
  13. Responsible for maintaining Resident files for all forms relating to activities (i.e. assessments, physician release, work-out records, etc.).
  14. Observes changes in Resident status, needs or preferences and communicates them appropriately.
  15. Reads the staff communication records and maintains familiarity with Resident records as required.
  16. Assists with open houses and other community functions as needed.
  17. Observes all work, safety and administrative rules.
  18. Adheres to all established policies and procedures.
  19. Avoids loss, breakage and waste of supplies and equipment.
  20. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to procedures for fire, life safety, disaster, security, work, safety and other emergency situations.


  1. Ability and willingness to work a flexible schedule.
  2. Reliable in attendance and work schedules.
  3. Organizes and utilizes time appropriately toward accomplishing assigned tasks.
  4. Requires minimal supervision.
  5. Willingness and ability to study; obtain and maintain required professional fitness certification such as SFA, ACE, AFAA and CPR/First Aid certifications and training through home study and/or workshop attendance.
  6. Willingness and ability to study and learn programs of exercise and activities.
  7. Enjoy working with seniors, have sensitivity to their needs and be able to teach and encourage them to learn and engage in the programs.
  8. Ability/willingness to work holidays, weekends and/or overtime.


Level of Experience - 
CPR/First Aid certified. Activity Director, Certified Fitness Professional and/or Exercise Physiology experience preferred. One year experience in working with seniors.

Education, Technical or Professional License(s)/Certification(s) - 
Possession of a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Maintain applicable license(s) to perform job, as required by state. If required by state law, maintain CPR/First Aid Certification. Meet in-service training hours required for job classification and position.

We are an equal opportunity employer.
Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with
disabilities are encouraged to apply.